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Tribute Lettering


At Menucha Monuments, we hand-create every draft and our expert teams personally engraves every inscription. Our supervising stonemason David is a professional artist and oversees all our draft designs to ensure they meet the highest standard of beauty in a headstone lettering design.


Menucha Monuments employs rigorous processes to make sure all your wording is accurate. Drafts are shared with the family for discussion and approval before any engraving takes place.


We not only take this level of care with our headstone inscriptions, but even when engraving a smaller tribute inscription. Tribute inscriptions may be engraved directly onto a slab (also known as a ledger) or engraved on a smaller piece of sloped granite known as a tribute panel or tribute sloper, that is affixed to a family monument.


Tribute lettering, as an additional message to the headstone inscription, is most commonly added for the purpose of memorialising a family member who perished without a known resting place, or who was buried elsewhere, away from their loved ones. It can also be used to add an additional message to the departed, where there is not enough space on the headstone itself for the family to express everything they wish to say.


We also design and engrave tribute lettering on stone panels for buildings, organisations, schools and synagogues, to remember or honour a significant individual or event.

See examples of our work below. Hover over each image for more details.  

We're Here To Help

For tribute lettering on a headstone (also known as a gravestone, tombstone, grave marker, memorial, crypt, vault, or monument), we're here to help. Menucha Monuments have a vast array of experience in the industry. Give us a call today on (02) 9030 0356 or contact us online with any other inquiries you may have.

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