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Matching Inscriptions

We specialise in new and matching inscriptions where required, ensuring that the new and old inscriptions are the closest possible match in terms of font, size, layout and colour.


We also take care to match existing ceramic photos, ensuring the new ceramic is a matching size to the original, and that the background colour of the photo is a similar as possible to the original. We can often also match the new frame to the original, whether it be gold, silver or bronze, oval or square, smooth, grooved or ivy-leaf. If an exactly matching frame is no longer available, we can replace the original one so that the old and new frames are identical and equally bright.

See examples of our work below. Hover over each image for more details.  

Greek Inscriptions Sydney


Menucha Monuments are experienced in matching Greek inscriptions. In Greek Orthodox practice, a single plot is usually used for two burials, most commonly a husband and wife. The monument headstone therefore needs to be spaced to accommodate two inscriptions. Traditionally, the husband’s inscription goes on the left and the wife’s on the right of the headstone. They may be separated by an engraved cross. A ceramic photo of the deceased is commonly affixed to the headstone, at the top of the inscription. An engraved map showing the Greek island or city where the deceased was born can be optionally included as well. Other symbols, such as a dove, may also be engraved if desired.


At Menucha Monuments, we take great care to ensure that the spacing and line layout on Matching Greek Inscriptions are a perfect and symmetrical match to the original inscription.

See examples of our work below. Hover over each image for more details.  

Jewish Inscriptions Sydney

Menucha Monuments is well versed in the requirements of Jewish cemetery monuments and inscriptions, which often combine both Hebrew and English script, along with various symbols. Jewish inscriptions include a small amount of Hebrew text, that has been present on Jewish monuments in every Jewish community across the globe for thousands of years.


This succinct, ancient wording includes two Hebrew letters that stand for “Here Lies,” followed by the Hebrew name and Hebrew date of passing of the departed, and concludes with five Hebrew letters that stand for a verse from the Tanakh meaning; “May their soul be bound in the bond of life.”


Menucha Monuments ensures that the Hebrew details are prepared accurately and checked and approved by a Rabbi before engraving a Jewish inscription.


A custom that Menucha Monuments frequently assists Jewish families in Sydney with fulfilling on the monument of their loved one, is to include an additional tribute inscription for family members who perished in the Holocaust.


Menucha Monuments services all Jewish Cemetery Sections in Sydney including Rookwood Cemetery, which offers the largest Jewish cemetery section in Sydney, as well as Macquarie Park, Botany, Woronora, Frenchs Forest, Moss Vale and Noraville Cemeteries.

See examples of our work below. Hover over each image for more details.  

Let Us Help You Through This Difficult Time

Menucha Monuments have a vast array of experience in the industry, as well as with specific Jewish customs and requirements. Call us on (02) 9030 0356 or contact us online with any inquiry that you may have, or if you need help getting this difficult process underway.


We have been providing precise and well desinged lettering in Sydney for many people through their grieving period. Menucha Monuments will support you and your family during this time of loss and grief, easing the burden of laying your loved ones to rest respectfully.

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