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Double Monuments


Double Headstones for Couples, Husband & Wife, Mother & Daughter, Father & Son, Twins, Brothers, Sisters, Best Friends and more

A Double Monument is a monument that covers the width of two grave allotments. A Double Gravestone is a suitable design choice when a family has purchased two allotments side by side, usually for a couple whose wish is to be buried beside each other. In such a situation, it may be more practical, emotionally comforting, or economical, to build a Double Monument as one structure.  Where more than two allotments have been purchased alongside each other, a Triple or larger Family Monument can be built as well.


At Menucha Monuments, we use mobile engraving machinery to engrave headstones on site. This means that when the time comes to engrave a second inscription on a Double Grave Marker, we never need to disturb the monument by removing the headstone.


Menucha Monuments is expert at designing Dual Headstones to suit the needs of each family, in all sizes, designs and materials. We have built hundreds of Double Monuments in Rookwood, Macquarie Park, Botany, Rookwood Catholic and South Head Cemeteries.

See examples of our work below. Hover over each image for more details.  

We're Here To Help

Whether designing a double headstone (also known as a gravestone, tombstone, grave marker, memorial, or monument) for yourself or creating custom memorial stones to honour loved ones, we're here to help. Menucha Monuments have a vast array of experience in the industry. Give us a call today on (02) 9030 0356 or contact us online with any other inquiries you may have.

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