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Cemetery Stone Options

Menucha Monuments uses three main types of stone in our memorials. Granite, marble, and sandstone.

All these stones contain quartz to varying degrees. We do not recommend limestone as it does not last in the Australian climate. 

Stones come in a variety of colours. Black or white gravestones tend to be the most popular. However, clients sometimes want a headstone that has some colour including red, blue, grey, green, pink, or purple. 

Contact us to discuss your grave marker stone and colour options.

Granite, Marble & Sandstone Examples

More Information on Stones


White Headstones


White and Light Grey Granite, or White Marble, can be a refreshing colour choice for a headstone, sloper or inscription panel, especially in cemetery sections where most of the monuments are Black or Grey Granite. There are several White and Light Granite and Marble options available, in a range of shades and price points. Some light granites and marbles are veined or speckled with flecks of grey, black, red, purple or pink.

Some examples of White and Light Grey Granites are Moon White Granite, Snow White Granite, Salt and Pepper Granite, Riverina Granite, Harcourt Granite and Dapple White Granite. The most common marble is Carrara White Marble. At Menucha Monuments, we can guide you on the most suitable material for a White Headstone, to meet your particular needs. 




Black Headstones


Black Granite is an excellent choice for a headstone, as Black Granites are some of the most dense and durable granites available. They can come in a range of shades, from charcoal and lighter black, to very jet black and highly glossy in their polished finish. A Black Granite headstone is a respectful and dignified choice and looks stunning with most types of lettering, including Gold, Silver, White and Natural-cut inscriptions. 


Some examples of Black Granites are Shanxi Black Granite, Indian Black Granite, Twilight Black Granite and Euro Black Granite. At Menucha Monuments, we can guide you on the most suitable Black Granite for your particular needs.




Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue Headstones


Red, Pink, Purple, Orange and Blue Granites are a durable, high quality and aesthetic choice for any headstone. Most of these granites look best with Gold or White lettering. 


There are a number of red, pink, purple, orange and blue granite options available. Imperial Red Granite is the boldest and brightest red granite, used most commonly in Chinese sections. Balmoral Red Granite has a softer, earthier tone and is used often in Heritage sections. Other beautiful options include Australian Calca Red Granite and Visage Blue Granite, which is an attractive soft purple colour. Teakwood Yellow Granite is a gorgeous orange coloured granite that looks similar to natural sandstone. Blue Pearl is the most popular and striking choice for a blue granite. At Menucha Monuments, we can guide you on the most suitable Red, Pink or Purple Granite for your particular needs.



Grey Headstones


Grey Granites are the most popular material used for Headstones. The most common Grey granite used is Grandee Granite (sometimes known as Noble Grey Granite), because it is dense and high quality, and is dark and speckled in appearance. The darkness of Grandee Granite offers a pleasing contrast with most lettering options, including Gold, Silver, White and Natural-cut lettering. The slightly speckled grain means a Grandee Headstone does not show dust as obviously as more solid coloured granites. 


Peppercorn Grey is solid (non-speckled) dark grey granite that is generally used for kerb sets to match the look of older granolite (cement composite) monuments, but offering far more strength and durability than granolite.  


Menucha Monuments sources Grandee Granite from both Australia and China. Speak with us about your needs and we can guide you on the best option for a Grey Headstone to suit your particular requirements. 




Granite Headstones


Granite is the strongest, longest lasting and most durable material available for constructing monuments. At Menucha Monuments, we recommend Granite as the ideal material for your Headstone. 


Some Heritage sections have restrictions on what materials can be used and only allow Sandstone or Marble. Either way, Menucha Monuments can guide you on the best materials for a Headstone, to suit your particular needs.




Marble Headstones


Marble is a beautiful stone used very extensively for monumental work in decades past, and forms a large part of the fabric of Sydney’s heritage monuments. The most common type of Marble used for monumental work is Carrara Marble from Italy. 


The stonemasonry processes used for lettering, carving and restoring marble versus granite are quite different, and using incorrect applications on marble can compromise the outcome. At Menucha Monuments, we specialise in heritage methods suitable for marble and so can offer Marble Headstones with confidence that they will last properly into the future. 



Sandstone Headstone


Sandstone is a beautiful stone that comes in various shades, tones, and levels of density. Most of Sydney City’s Heritage buildings and significant monuments are built out of locally quarried sandstone. At Menucha Monuments, most of the sandstone monuments we build are in Heritage cemetery sections, designed to match the aesthetic of the surrounding monuments. A degree of expertise is required in choosing the best type of sandstone to meet your needs, as there are many variables and not all sandstones behave the same way or are suited to all climates. Our most commonly used Australian Sandstones are Appin Grey, Piles Creek, Mangrove Buff and Mt. White Light to Medium Brown. 


If you would like to consider a Sandstone Headstone, speak to us at Menucha Monuments. We can guide you on appropriate Australian Sandstone options and the pros and cons of each in terms of appearance, density, price, oxidisation and lettering options. 

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