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Headstone, Tombstone, Gravestone, Grave Marker, Monumental Maintenance, Repair & Restoration Sydney

At Menucha Monuments, we understand the importance of paying respect to the departed and keeping the memory of your loved one alive. That's why our headstone repair and grave restoration is of the highest quality.

Menucha Monuments provides headstone repair, cemetery, and grave restoration, as well as tombstone repair and bronze plaque restoration. We ensure that the memory and final resting place of your loved ones are kept neatly upheld in a respectful way.


Each gravestone is a testimony to our lives and communities. For this reason care, sensitivity and dignity are vital for tombstones and monuments.


We offer cleaning and restoration services for:

  • Headstones and footstones

  • Tombs and lawn markers

  • Columbaria and mausoleums

  • Statues

  • Memorials and plaques

  • And more


The various materials we can clean and repair include:

  • Sandstone 

  • Slate

  • Marble

  • Granite

  • Bronze

  • And more

 Menucha Monuments provide headstone repair to ensure that the memory and final

resting place of your loved ones are kept neatly upheld in a respectful way.

Headstone Repair

Take the hassle and stress out of grave restoration by allowing Menucha Monuments to handle it for you. We perform repairs and restorations on-site in cemeteries, family plots, historic burying grounds, and various other places of honour.


We ensure that all cleaning and repairs are performed in the correct manner to stop damage or erosion and prevent further harm.


High Quality and Care

We ensure no shortcuts are taken, like power washing or the use of harsh chemicals on any stones. We restore your loved ones grave site with care and can perform the following services:

  • Resetting a sunken or leaning headstone or monument

  • Repairs to damaged or broken headstones or statues

  • Full restoration of a historic cemetery or family plot


Heritage Cleaning and Restorations

Menucha Monuments are specialists when it comes to cleaning and restoring monuments in heritage listed areas. We work to preserve historical monuments with integrity, maintaining their longevity, and ensuring the safety of structures.


We don't take shortcuts. We ensure that our work is of the highest quality and we know and respect the importance of preservation and conservation. Our primary goal is to uphold the longevity of memory and to realise the significance of preserving the honour of those we have lost via their final resting place.

Public Safety

Leaning and loose monuments are a serious long-term issue facing many cemeteries who receive thousands of visitors every year. Cemetery safety is extremely important not only for those visiting but also for the upkeep of your loved one's final resting place.


Each gravestone is a testimony to our lives and communities which is why care and sensitivity and above all dignity are vital for tombstones and monuments.

Restorations of Any Size

Menucha Monuments can handle any type of restoration and repair work, from cleaning and polishing to raising sunken monuments. Regardless of how the damage was caused, be it natural forces, neglect or vandalism, our restoration services will restore the monument to a respectful and elegant state.


Contact Us For Gravestone Repair Today

Menucha Monuments have had many years of restoration and repair experience. Our team are well trained and committed to excellence.

No matter the level of damage to your headstone (also known as a gravestone, tombstone, grave marker, memorial, vault, crypt, or monument), we can help. Call us on 02 9030 0356 or contact us online and we will begin your repairs in a time and cost-efficient manner.

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