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Pricing of Monuments, Headstones, Tombstones and Gravestones

Pricing of monuments, headstones, tombstones and gravestones


The cost of a monument can vary greatly depending on the size of the monument, the material used, the size and land slope of the grave allotment, and the complexity of the design. As every monument is unique, at Menucha Monuments, we will speak to the family to determine what they are looking for, and also do a site inspection to measure up the plot. We will then provide you with a  detailed written quotation tailored to your needs.  Prices can range from anywhere between $2000 for a small lawn headstone to $25000+ for a large double or family monument.


Granite, sandstone and marble costs


At Menucha Monuments, we only use the highest quality granites, marble and sandstone available, which means we may pay more for our materials that some other companies.


There is a range of prices between the different granite colours. Generally Black and coloured granites such as Red and Blue are the most expensive, together with Marble and high density Australian Sandstone. Grandee and Noble Grey are mid-range in price, and Light Grey Speckled granites tend to be slightly cheaper.


Some monuments have intricate carvings, specialised edgings, or unique shaping. All these require skilled workmanship that can add to the cost of the granite, marble or sandstone. The volume of material used will also have a big impact on the price, meaning the larger a monument, the more it will cost.


Additional items if required, such as vases, candilli boxes and ceramic photos will also be factored in to the final cost of the monument.


Foundation and Granite Installation costs


At Menucha Monuments, we are extremely pedantic about how our monuments are built, so we only hire builders and workers with the best skills and reputations. Foundations and monuments must be installed in accordance with the Australian Standards 4202: 2019.


The building and installation costs of a monument will depend on the size of the monument, if a foundation is required or if it will be installed on a concrete beam, how many piers are needed, and by how accessible the gravesite is to our workers.


Inscription costs

At Menucha Monuments, we offer a number of inscriptions services. Engraved lettering on granite, either natural-cut or painted in oil based enamels, are included in our monument and standard inscription quotes. Gold lettering is filled withe real 23c gold leaf and is a more laborious process, so incurs a small additional cost. The most expensive type of lettering is lead lettering on marble, which is a specialised and laborious craft than can only be completed by a skilled letterer experienced in the art. This is usually reserved for additional inscriptions on heritage family monuments.


Cemetery fees


All cemeteries charge a fee to families who wish to do any stonemasonry work in the cemetery. These are paid by the stonemason at the time that they submit the permit application to the cemetery. A cemetery fee, variable by cemetery and work type, will therefore be included in your quote.

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