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Monumental Lettering & Engraving


Menucha Monuments specialises in headstone lettering, tombstone relettering, matching inscriptions and lettering on new or existing monuments to match the original headstone fonts, layout and spacing as closely as possible. 


We also repaint headstone lettering and carry out gravestone lettering repair and restoration, including replacing gold / re-gilding lettering on headstones. 


At Menucha Monuments, we are fully equipped to engrave headstones, monuments, vaults and crypts using mobile equipment, so that the integrity of the monument is not compromised by removing and replacing the headstone.


All lettering in stone is engraved into the stone, so that it becomes part of the stone itself, and in this way is everlasting. The engraved letters, without any paint or gold-leaf added, are called Natural-Cut. On darker granites, Natural-cut inscriptions look good, however they become unreadable when wet.


You may therefore choose to add a colour into the lettering, such as Gold-leaf or White, Silver or Black enamel, so that the engraved letters are always readable when you visit the gravesite of your departed loved one, even if it is raining. On an upright granite headstone, Gold-leaf or enamel paints generally fade after around 30-40 years, after which time the family may choose to re-gild or re-paint the inscription, or they can leave them to fade out fully back to the Natural-cut lettering.

See examples of our work below. Hover over each image for more details.  

Care with Headstone Engraving


We are extremely pedantic about making sure all the details of our lettering inscriptions are perfect. We have multiple proof checks built into our design process to ensure that all the details, spelling and grammar on your memorial lettering are inscribed with accuracy. We are also unique in that we place a strong emphasis in laying out our draft designs with artistry and aesthetic beauty.


At Menucha Monuments, there are no surprises with the lettering. We provide you with a scaled draft to review that shows you exactly how the inscription is going to look on the stone. We make sure to have the family’s approval and signature on the final draft before any engraving takes place.

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