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About Menucha Monuments

A tradition of honour and respect:

Erecting a monument over the grave of the departed is an ancient tradition in many faiths and cultures. The monument formally marks the resting place in a permanent way, and serves as a symbol of honour and respect for the soul of the departed. There are many customs and traditions about the stone; its appearance, the wording and when it should be erected. Our team at Menucha Monuments upholds values of cultural respect and sensitivity, assuring that your memorial to your loved one will be built and inscribed with reverence and attention to tradition.


Comfort through understanding:

Choosing a monument can be an overwhelming experience for families who have lost a loved one. At this trying time, we take special care to guide you every step of the way, making the process as easy as possible for you. We start by meeting with you at a place of your choice to help you choose a design, granite and wording that pay tribute to the life and values of your loved one. We keep you updated throughout the process, ensuring you peace of mind that the memorial will be completed on time and with meticulous attention to detail.


Quality and experience:

Menucha Monuments has extensive experience in creating superior quality stonework, lettering and restorations. We have established a reputation for providing impeccable standards, superior service and competitive prices.


A commitment to craftsmanship:

At Menucha Monuments we take great pride in the structural integrity of our work. All monuments are built to the highest possible standards, ensuring solid foundations that withstand the test of time.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced Monumental Stonemasons:

  • Are fully licensed stonemasons.

  • Members of the Monumental Association N.S.W. 



  • Use only certified N32 concrete

  • Complete all work according to the Australian Standard-AS 4204-2019

  • Employ superior standards of materials and fixings

  • Use the latest technology for accurate site preparation

  • Are fully insured

We source our granite from leading granite suppliers in Australia who perform quality checks throughout all steps of the manufacturing process. This ensures that each piece of granite is free from faults and tested, cut and polished to the highest standard. 



Carefully planned inscriptions:

An essential part of a monument is the everlasting words of tribute engraved in stone. While the wording can be simple or intricate, what is always important is to ensure the accuracy and aesthetics of the draft before engraving. At Menucha Monuments, we personally create every draft and engrave every stone - inscriptions are never outsourced. Our supervising stonemason is also a professional artist and designs each draft to look beautiful, in addition to following rigorous processes to make sure all wording is correct. The draft is shared with the family for discussion and approval before any engraving takes place.


We specialise in matching existing inscriptions where required, ensuring that the new and old inscriptions are the closest possible match in terms of font, size, layout and colour.

Social Responsibility:

At Menucha Monuments, we believe that having positive, open relationships with our clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, the cemeteries and the community as a whole are crucial.


We believe these relationships should be underpinned by trust, transparency and goodwill.


To this end we do all we can to ensure that we meet our clients’ needs in a personalised and sensitive way, taking the time to meet with each client and their family at a time and location convenient to them. We understand how important quality, value and reliability are to our clients and so allow enough time for work to be built properly and on schedule, giving our full attention to every detail along the way.


We understand the importance of following the legislated occupational health and safety

guidelines as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Policy of the cemeteries and our

own Work Health and Safety and Risk Management Plan and Procedures Policies, to ensure the safety of all workers on our sites, of our clients and of the public. We review these policies regularly to make sure we are maintaining best practice to ensure the safety of all at all times.


We are committed to honest and ethical behaviour. We support a number of local charities and and believe in the importance of giving back and helping others.



Quality Policy Statement: 

Menucha Monuments specialises in the construction of cemetery monuments and

memorials, monumental inscriptions, heritage restorations and repairs and maintenance services.


Menucha Monuments is committed to maintaining the highest ethical, occupational health and safety, environmental and professional standards throughout the entire consulting, planning and building stages of every monument. To achieve this commitment in the delivery of quality monuments with best work practices, we ensure:


• To provide exceptional service and reliability through clearly understanding and achieving

the needs and expectations of our clients, with cultural, religious and emotional sensitivity.

• To provide quality workmanship by committed and trained personnel, using only expertly

sourced, best quality materials.

• Compliance with requirements of Australian Standards 4204:2019, 4425:1996 and 3600:

2009 and all cemetery regulations.

• Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000.

• Quality objectives are regularly reviewed for continual improvement and matters identified for improvement are acted upon with professional efficiency.


Environmental Policy:

Menucha Monuments are committed to providing outstanding quality services and products in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our staff and the public, and minimises our potential impact on the environment. We operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and we endeavour to prevent pollution and adhere to environmental best practices at all times.


We are committed to:


• Consider environmental concerns and impacts in our decision making and activities.


• Minimise our waste and reuse or recycle wherever possible.


• Minimise energy and water use in our activities as much as possible.


• Make an effort to purchase products and services that consider the environment.


• Train, educate and inform our staff about environmental issues that may affect their work and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.


• Where required by legislation or where significant health, safety or environmental hazards exist, develop and maintain appropriate emergency and spill response programmes.



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